Kit List

Sickroom Studios has a proven professional sound, using the Soundcraft 6000 – 54 channel mixing console, combined with quality microphones, and a high-end digital recorder, with up to 24-bit 96kHz audio quality…

Soundcraft 6000 – 54 channel
Soundcraft FX16 – 16 channel
Roland VS1680 DAW x 2

Intel core i7 7800x 6 core 3.5 Ghz 64g RAM
Intel¨ i7 3770 Ivy Bridge Quad Core 3.4Ghz
Intel¨ Core 2 Duo CPU E8500 3.16GHz
Cubase 10 Pro
Reason 11
Reason 10
Waves, fabfilter, spitfire, plugins, vst instruments and samples.
Cubase 7
Cubase SX3
Steinberg UR824
MOTU 828mkII x 2
MOTU Traveler
Marantz CDR630
Sony DVD multirecorder

Yamaha NS-1000
Yamaha NS-10
SE munro egg150
KEF Concerto
Jamo PR120A
Rotel RL915
Hitachi portable
Yamaha P2100 power amp
Ashly fet 2000m power amp
Samson Servo 200 power amp
Harrison X200 MOS-FET x 2 monoblocs
Pioneer A-204R integrated amplifier
Beyerdynamic DT100 headphones x 8
Philips SHP2000 headphones x 2

SPL Goldmike mic pre
Analogue addicts valve mic pre
Symentrix 302 mic pre
Great River ME 1NV
Trident MTA ARange mic pre/eq
Trident S20 mic pre x 2
TLA Ebony A1 valve mic pre
CLM DB 400X mic pre
CLM DB 200X mic pre
Sebatron VMP 4000e valve mic pre
Warm Audio WA2A tube compressor

Warm Audio WA76 compressor
Drawer DL 441 compressor

TLA C-5021 Valve compressor
TLA EQ-5013 Valve EQ
Alesis 3630 compressor / limiter
SPL Vitalizer
Focusrite Voicemaster
Boss ROD-10 distortion
Korg Toneworks
Lexicon MX200
Lexicon MPX 100
TC Electronic M-ONE
Pioneer SR-202 Reverb Amplifier
Zoom Studio 1201
Zoom RSX 10000

Flea 47 Vintage Tube Mic
Neumann U87 x2
Coles 4038 x2 (ribbon)
Neumann TLM 103
AKG C414 B x2
Shure SM7b
Beyerdynamic M201
Electrovoice RE20
Golden Age R1 mk2 (ribbon)
Sennheiser MD421 x2
Shure SM94 x2
Shure omnisphere A
Shure omnisphere B
Sennheiser e906x2
Electrovoice Mercury
AKG D112 x3
AKG C1000 x2
AKG C418 x4
HS UK C10500
Rode NT1 x2
Shure beta 91
Shure SM58 x4
Shure SM57 x4
Peavy Uni-Di x4
Telefunken TD-25
Telefunken TD-30
Telefunken D11B
Teisco Hi-mike DM-106 x2
Foster M-180
Crown PZM
WASA mic x2

Sony APR 24 – 2inch 24 track (currently unavailable)
Saturn 624 – 2inch 24 track (currently unavailable)
Akai 4000D – quarter inch
Tascam DA-20mkII – DAT Recorder
Fostex 280 – 4track
Tascam 488 – 8track
Technics RS-B555 – Cassette Recorder

Chappell upright piano
Boyd-London upright piano
Hammond Britefoot Organ..with Leslie
Yamaha CN70 organ
Encore 49 organ
Gem organ with Leslie
Conn 3 tier organ with Leslie
Pump organ
Akai MPC2000 sampler
Roland A88 midi controller
Roland GR 20
Roland XP80 synth
Korg Poly800
Novation Drum Station
Novation Bass Station
Casio PT-1, PT-10, PT-30, PT-80, SA-1, SA-21
Yamaha PSS-130
Yamaha PSR-260
Bontempi D wind organ

Accordians x 2
RH Stylophone x 2

Premier XPK drum kit (5 Piece)
Mapex (7 Piece)
4 piece jazz kit
Selection of snare drums including ludwig supraphonic
Good selection of cymbals including Zildgian K hats ride crashes.
A large selection of percussion
Fender Deluxe valve amp (1×12)
Fender blues junior
Laney VC30(212)
Laney Cub 12R
Vox (70s solid state 1×12)
Marshall RAT (valve mod)
Line6 Spider amp (2×12)
Hohner CD100 guitar amp

Ampeg BA115 bass amp
Peavey Centurion mk III bass amp
Peavey mk VI bass amp
Peavey Mk IV series bass amp
Peavy gtr amp
2×15 cab x 3
Marshall Bass State B150 (1×15)
Watson XB-10 practise amp
Sessionette-100 bass amp
Soundtech PA 6150

…and a good selection of guitars (including Fender jazzmaster, Fender tele duluxe, Fender jazz bass, Rickenbaker, Gibson SG, Fender acoustic, Takamine acoustic), effect pedals, brass, strings, toys and lots of other things that make good noises !

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